Organ, 2009, "MRI" series, single channel colour video with stereo sound of oil on masonite painting performance, dimensions variable, 3:30secs

MRI series, artist statement excerpt (2010):
"The gesticulations are purposeful, practiced, but also meditative—a ritual of painting. Manipulating oil paint upon surfaces of masonite and canvas, working flat upon tables and floors allowing one to ‘perform’ the work sufficiently. This manner of working with the materials is unique; the paint is applied to cover the surface completely before using one’s own hands, scrapers and cloth to move, shift and shape patterns and forms. As a result of this performance quality, it became evident that to record the work and the process would be a natural evolution. Through such investigation into other media, the work transcends as liminal and almost installative.

Critically, the work has been challenged as documentation, but it is possible to contextualise it differently. It is preferred that the recorded work is considered “video art”, however what converts it to be so is as if asking what art is to begin with. As per my research, Art is defined according to context plus content plus intention. This is esoteric. The fact that it is a conscious choice to consider this work as “video art” rather than “documentation” is essentially what transforms it to be; artwork. Emphasised is the experience of performing the ritual of the painting and, by extension, the experience of the viewer as they encounter something as mesmeric as the act itself."

Music credited to Nine Inch Nails. No copyright infringement intended.

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